Sales & Customization

XL Shelter buys and sells standard shipping containers in order to make your building solutions more convenient. We also offer a "Tilt and Load" service for pick up and delivery of containers.Container

If you are looking to purchase or sell containers, please contact one of our representatives.

We customize shipping containers with doors and windows to work for special purpose buildings

Custom Container







Customized Containers

Designing Solutions That Work For You


At XLSHELTER we manufacture our fabric buildings as they are sold. This gives us the ability to fit your fabric structure modifications to your specific requirements.
Our in house Professional Engineering and our 3D Cad Design Team quickly turn your fabric structure concepts into reality. 
Engineering & Design
All our fabric structures are engineer certified.
We utilize a 12.1 ounce "BMEC Certified" poly weave fabric.
Our steel truss assemblies are hot-dipped galvanized.

Our Fabric Buildings are certified inside & out

Please contact our sales team at [email protected] for information about our fabric structures and shipping container buildings.


Helpful Professional Engineering

It's Your Engineering Team

Many industrial and commercial applications require professional engineering, site-specific planning, and reliable certification. We at XLSHELTER endeavor to provide our customers with our in-house expertise and experience. fessional Helpful Engineering

Buildings that we design & create have to be reliably safe,but the many variables that are involved with permit applications and site-specific planning considerations are something that we are very experienced with.

Call 1 800 282 1239 for 'your personal engineering solution' with our engineering team'.





We Have an Experienced Team of Professionals

YourSolution From Our Experience

Our manufacturing facilities are located in Beamsville Ontario, closely integrated with our sales office and our engineering design office. We have 35000 sq/ft of manufacturing space providing all the space neccesary to manufacture and proto-type buildings tailored to customers specifications.

Though we use many of the latestest inovations in robotic technology, nothing replaces experienced craftsmanship. The majority of employees have been with XLSHELTERS for more than 5 or 10 years.

Again it is experience and knowledge that you can trust and really count on.

Call 1 800 282 1239 Ext: 234