Custom Fabric Structures

Custom Designed Structures   

Do you have a new project in mind? Could you use some expert advise and hands on assistance to navigate this project? We understand the challenges, decisions and design hurdles that can come up during these procedures. We have over 20 years experience helping customers design and fabricate the best solutions for their needs. If you have a current project in any stages of development and you could use some expert opinions and services, we are the company to contact. We have helped design custom markets, special event structures, sports facilities, horseback riding arenas and many more, for over 20 years. Our custom steel and fabric structures are a great solution for any building project. They can be temporary or permanent depending on your needs and permit allocations. We can assist you right from the initial idea, to design, engineering, manufacturing and fabrication, all the way to installation, maintenance and future additions or services. We can also create modular designs that allow you to start a basic build , with the ability to add square footage and more workable space in the future. We also offer relocation services. This has been a very economical solution for many of our customers that move locations and want to bring the structure with them. Another major reason to consider a steel and fabric design is that it is typically more economical than other solutions. You can save money on your build while still getting an engineered product that will last a very long time. Our hot dipped galvanized components are designed and treated to last through all the toughest elements. Our poly weave fabric has a 15 year pro rated warranty.  

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