Block & Cement Pad Fabric Domes

   Fabric Structure

Our Block & Cement Pad Fabric Domes are designed to use various ground mounting options. The most common foundations are construction lock blocks or cement pads, but we also utilize sono-tubes, concrete walls, helical piles and wooden posts. We custom engineer each dome to the specific wind and snow loads of the area it will be installed. This ensures the structure will stand up to the elements and not cave or collapse. We use heavy duty hot dipped galvanized trussed to ensure the best protection against corrosion. We offer various door options to suit your specific requirements. We supply rollup doors (mechanical and manual drive), sliding barn style doors and fabric curtain style doors. These doors come in many different sizes depending on your specific needs.

The naturally lit interior of a fabric covered dome often eliminates the need for artificial electrical lighting. Even on cloudy days more then ample natural light is produced.

All our structures utilize a 12.1 ounce poly-weave fabric. This fabric is BMEC certified, which allows for easier access to building permits.

These Block & Cement Pad Fabric Domes are often insulated for heat or refrigeration purposes. Ask about our insulation packages and we will be happy to go over the options available. Our sales team will go over all the details, options and current pricing to ensure you are getting exactly what you need for your business’ project. Our main video on our homepage has some drone footage of a recent Block Dome we installed for a customer. To view this video you can return to and find it on our homepage or check out our YouTube channel here


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