Fabric Covered Drive Sheds & Storage Units

The Better Alternative

Suitable for any climate, hot or cold  our durable fabric covered Drive Sheds are often a better choice for agricultural, industrial or municipal storage and service needs.

A Modular Solution

Available in various widths and sizes the XLSHELTER Drive Sheds are  very modular and may be configured to just about any length.

Available with optional roll up doors up to 25′ wide these buildings may be set up exactly to your requirements.

Environmentally Smart 

The long lasting BMEC certified fabric, combined with a solid hot dipped galvanized steel frame provides an environment where natural diffused light often makes extra electrical lighting unnecessary.

Return on Investment

These Drive Sheds are less expensive to build and install than conventional steel clad structures. They may be moved from one location to another in a very short order.

Extend the life of your equipment !

Service your equipment in comfort.

Custom sized to suit your needs.

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