Dome Installations, Recovering & Relocating

Dome Installations

XL Shelter has experienced, professional installation crews across North America that specialize in Dome Installations, Recovering & Relocating . We ensure your fabric structure is installed to our engineers specifications, in a timely and precise manner. We have installed hundreds of domes across Canada and the USA over the past 20 years. When receiving a quote from us, we will work with you on an installation timeline that ensures zero to minimal downtime for your operations. We will work around your needs. 


Do you have an existing Coverall dome that needs a new top? We can make a site visit to access and measure your existing dome, if you do not have the original drawings. We can then manufacture another top to custom fit your existing fabric structure. We can also install it for you to ensure the perfect fit and tensioning. 

Check out these short recent recovering videos or to see more videos visit our YouTube Channel here


Galvanized steel trusses from a fabric dome being relocated on a flat bed truck

Any of our structures can be taken down and relocated. If you need to move it to another area on the existing property, want to move to another property or even would like to sell your dome, we can help with all of this. Our structures are great for temporary sites like mines or oil rigs. If you have an existing Cover All Dome that you would like relocated, we can help with that as well. We can take it down , pack it, ship it to a new location and re-install it for you.

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