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Start With a Well Anchored Foundation

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It has been a very busy winter season for XLSHETER .
Please look through our June 2018 sales brochure above.

The photo and diagram above  show a very versatile and proven method of anchoring in nearly any terrain. These screw anchors are engineer certified and are quickly installed using a tractor or Bobcat with an auger attachment. When concrete blocks or a concrete base are impractical for your situation these work very well and are easily relocated if necessary.

The photo below shows how a little extra space can be utilised to create a very useful storage space. By using a Lock-Block Wall anchoring system this 60′ wide x 40′ deep structure was set up at Central Machinery and serves its intended purpose very well. Another great and economical solution by XLSHELTER.

60' wide x 40' deep Dome Structure on a Lock-Block Wall anchoring system
60′ wide x 40′ deep Dome Structure on a Lock-Block Wall anchoring system
Company News

Great Changes are in the Air !

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Since 2016, XLSHELTER has moved to expand our markets in new areas and develop new levels of design and efficiency.
We will be launching a dealer network to expand our services and strategically placing dealers in “your” area.
Contact us or continue to watch for updates as the plan develops.

As we expand our market reach we are closely examining production and how to be more efficient while improving quality control.
In this light we have invested in the purchase of new manufacturing technologies to increase production and decrease lead time.
New experienced and talented personnel have been added to our XLSHELTER team as well.