Peaked Buildings

Why an XL SHELTER Peaked Building ?

Our “Peaked Series Structures” feature natural lighting and a robust design that is specially designed to withstand severe Canadian weather conditions and certified to comply with all Building Code regulations.

Built to your custom length, siding and entrance requirements, these tensioned membrane buildings features offer a ‘flat peak’ design that not only works exceedingly well but offer a great contemporary look to any property. Because of vertical side and front walls we can offer optional steel or aluminum siding for all “Peaked Series Structures”

We offer various door options to suit your specific requirements.

All our structures utilize a 12.1 ounce poly-weave fabric. This fabric is BMEC certified, which allows for easier access to building permits.

Our on staff professional structural engineers design and certify all of our tensioned membrane structures.

Please visit our gallery to view the different types and sizes of Peaked fabric structures that we design, manufacture and install.

Sample Truss Profiles

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