Replacement Fabric

Have a structure that needs it’s fabric replaced?

We have recently completely upgraded our facilities with new fabric  sewing and welding equipment. We have also added additional floor space.

If you have a fabric structure that needs repair or replacement contact us for a very competitive quote. Our experienced team will help you every step of the way.

Many fabric buildings that were designed before the engineering rules changed in 2010, used the fabric cover itself as part of its structural design integrity.

Since then designs must be engineered to be self standing without any reliance on the fabric surrounding them, thus it is especially important to ensure that these buildings have a fabric cover that is very robust and properly installed.

We handle Cover-All Cover Replacements as well as covers for nearly any hooped structure. Replacement covers require a precise fit and proper installation techniques. We can help with hardware and door replacement as well. If required we can send expert installers to your location and give you what appears to be a brand new building in very little time.

Depending on your location, on your weather conditions and the range of temperature fluctuations you could be all set for another 25 years.

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