Industries Served

Specialty and Custom Design Buildings

Locomotive Cleaning Station

Industrial and construction customers have benefited from OutFront’s unique sets of skills and talents that have made its subsidiary unit, XL Shelter, the preferred supplier for storage solutions.

By using the latest in 3D CAD software, and mixing this capability with personnel with years of experience in the construction industry, in mechanical systems and in architectural design, XL Shelter has assembled a winning team of people that can complete a project from its initial concept to its final installed reality


Serving The Arctic

Shelter from the cold in the Arctic

We have experience in design and installation of fabric covered structures in Arctic conditions from the Yukon to Baffin Island.

Using insulated designs with a robust certified construction we design unique and special purpose structures for industry and the government.




Outdoor Marketplaces

Parkdale Market in Ottawa Ontario

We understand the importance of high visibility, to encourage traffic and help merchants best showcase their product. Our systems are strong, secure, weather-friendly and easy to maintain for daily open/close procedures.

Comprehensive Structural Systems
Stall walls and fences
Truss and gutter systems
Fabric roofs/covers
Merchandising benches, shelves, carts
Signage, displays


Agricultural Installation in Ontario

 We design, engineer, manufacture and install fabric-covered agricultural farm buildings to suit your needs.
We’ll build to your custom length, siding and entrance requirements.
Our on staff professional structural engineers design and certify all of our structures.

The applications for agribusiness are numerous, for equipment, livestock or bulk goods.
We’ve supplied agribusinesses with many other products including fencing for farm areas and shade systems for greenhouse operations.

Mining and Exploration

In an industry that needs to be versatile and movable, we, with our portable and durable structures can provide the right solution. Whether it is for a storage area,  machine protection,  or a maintenance area,  we have a Fabric, structural buildings  that will meet the needs.

When used in combination with containers, the structures can be highly versatile, easy to relocate, and can be used for secure storage, bunk housing for temporary staff, workshops,  office areas and, many more solutions. The structure can be insulated as well if they need to be heated.

In order to meet the potentially harsh environments the structure is hot dipped galvanized after fabrication, design and engineering makes certain that the building is designed for the conditions you wish to build it in.


  • Bulk storage

  • Weather protection

  • Maintenance areas

  • Warehousing for inventory or Product

  • Shaft protection and equipment shelter


Salt and Aggregate Storage

Municipal Salt Storage

XL shelter, Dome shelters, are the logical solution for this purpose. With a variety of widths for 20 ft  to 120 ft wide and any length you choose, you are able to make maximum use of your space. The dome building can be placed on Concrete block wall, steel container, or a poured foundation and retention wall, allowing solid usable space in you Dome structure. We provide a completely Hot Dipped galvanized structure so that your investment will be protected from corrosion and will give many years of service.


Marine and Storage & Maintenance Field Structures

Boat Storage a Mechanical Shop

Whether you are storing Boats for the winter, or refitting them, we have a structure to meet your requirements, with buildings from 2o ft to 120 ft wide.
We can provide a building that will give you the room and height that you need for efficient use.
By using containers as you sides you can gain extra height and an additional secure storage area.
This also makes it easy to build and locate in any area or ground condition. Being remote is not a concern.



Insulated Climate Controlled Warehousing & Storage

Insulated Hoop Structure

We have designed and installed many insulated & climate controlled systems.

If you need to contain and protect, materials from rain and exterior influence our structures are the answer.
For temporary and fast construction they can be built on large concrete blocks or steel containers this allows them to be placed in almost any location that you require.

Whether you need it for turning and diluting material, or to store cleaned material the building is designed to withstand corrosive or toxic environments.

Since the structure is all hot dipped Galvanized it will be able to perform in a manner you need it to.


Toxic Containment Enclosures

Clean room to safely spray toxic liquids indoors

XLSHELTER recently was asked to design a complete industrial scale clean room to spray military prototypes with a special highly toxic stealth type of coating.

The structure was set up on site in an active aircraft hanger and performed flawlessly.




Construction Site Covers

A safe workspace with great lighting

Our XLShelter Structures are set up quickly and efficiently to meet your needs.
They offer protection from the weather and/or storage for your equipment.

As a warehouse they have the ability to give a safe, secure and temperature controlled environment for any of your needs.

As a workplace they give a naturally lit workspace with great tool and parts storage.


Airplane Hangers & Airport Facilities

XLSHELTER at the Halifax International Airport

Whether it is to be a mechanical facility or as a hanger for airplanes, XLShelter has the structure for you.

With custom sizes and heights, added security features or insulated from outdoor elements, we are your most efficient option.





Retractable Structures

XLSHELTER’s retractable structures are engineered and specified to industry standards.
This building is perfect if you need a shelter to cover your job but also need it to be either easily moved around or just out of your way.

In just minutes you can have it set up or taken out of your way.