Engineered Fabric Structures

Construction and structure concept of engineer working

Our in house Engineered Fabric Structures are designed and built to ensure that your dome will never cave or collapse due to wind or snow loads. The different areas across North America have specific wind and snow load requirements. We ensure that these requirement are followed when designing your building. This is why the quoting process takes a small amount of your specific information, to get started. We take into account all the small details and options available for your fabric building. Our engineers have over 20 years experience, specifically with steel and fabric structures. This process helps with permits as well. Many municipalities do not require permits for these fabric structures. If you do require a permit , we are very experienced with the process and can help you from start to finish.

To get the quoting process started please email, call or social media message us with the following information

1.City & Province of project
2.Length & Width of building
3.Foundation i.e. Blocks, Shipping Containers, Posts ext.

truss profile and render of fabric structure

Email us your details at

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You can also visit our contact page and fill out the online form for submission. One of our fabric building specialists will be in touch and walk you through all the details, options and current pricing. Having your dome certified by our engineers is key to ensuring your building will stand up to the elements for years and years to come. Our building don’t come down; unless you ask us to take them down and move them for you. (this is another key feature) “Portability” Our domes can be moved !  If you decided to move properties or just would like your building in another area of your property, we can takedown and re-install your dome at anytime. Our Engineered Fabric Structures can be taken down and resold if you like. We can help you sell it. With all these options (that you don’t get with a permanent building) , our fabric structures are a great solution for all industries.